Raskaran Residence

“Raskaran Residence Homes” feature sixteen apartments in Punta Secca, a sunny village near  (5.77 kms) the town of Santa Croce Camerina on the coast of the province of Ragusa. Punta Secca has become the shooting location for the famous TV series “Il Commissario Montalbano” and “Il Capo dei Capi” thanks to the beauty of its beaches, sunsets and the tranquility of everyday life.

The history and tradition of this area lives in the name of these apartments. Ras Karan is in fact the name given to this area by the ninth century invasion of Cape Scalambri on behalf of the Muslims.

RasKaran Homes are right off the fine sandy beach and famous balcony from which the televised chief of Police Montalbano enjoys his views of the horizon and the many traditions of Sicily.