Barocco e gastronomia

Modica is ca. 40 kms from Punta Secca. In 2002 it was included among the Unesco sites due to its baroque architecture. St. George’s Cathedral is the emblem of baroque architecture and is also among the Unesco sites, built between the 16th and 17th centuries around the 1542, 1613 and 1693 earthquakes.

Modican chocolate:
Based on a Spanish recipe (ca. 1746 when Sicily was a Spanish domain) derived from the Mayan culture, this chocolate is made by artisans at a very low temperature that does not melt the sugar which maintains its grittiness along with the original components of cocoa butter, free of additional animal fat and that won’t melt in summer temperatures. Many flavours are available such as hot chili pepper, spices, vanilla, dark chocolate, orange, cinnamon, etc.

Modican chocolate is in the process of attaining national status and is mentioned by famous authors such as Leonardo Sciascia.